Rick Koster
2006 Candidate For State Representative
Democrat District 70 Texas
Engineering Solutions for Texas

-To grow schools for the new  millennium
-To put sanity into school finance
-To curb predatory credit practices
-To keep a public eye on Public Utilities
-To build a Texas for success now and in the future

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If not now, when?  If not me, who? The Talmud
Collin County Democratic Party Convention Speech of March 25, 2006
How does it affect homeowners:
Sample house assessed value:  $100,000
School maintenance and operations property tax ($1.50/$100 of valuation):  $1500
Yearly gas consumption:  1000 gallons (15,000 miles at 15mpg)
cost of fuel:  $3000 at $3.00/gallon
Sales Tax (8%): $240
Average electric + heat bill / home $2400/year
Sales Tax (8%): $192
Total Tax: $432
Home owner tax savings: $1068

I encourage each citizen to see if this will work for them. 
School Finance Plan
My school finance was published in the Collin County edition of the Dallas Morning News on Sunday April 23 2006

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Individual TAX Calculator
School Revenue Calculator
Many Thanks to Collin County

It has been a great privilege to run as your Democratic candidate for State Representative in District 70.  Many thank to all my supporters and to all the people of warm people of Collin County.  It has been a wonderful experience.

November 7, 2006  Election Results